Understanding Birth Injury Cases

The advance of modern medical technology and science has increased the number problem-free births. At times doctors and other medical staff fail to deliver a baby using the proper technique or commit so other form of negligence. This situation often arises in cases of emergency, resulting in jury of your child. Infant birth injury needs justice enacted. Our attorneys will establish the guilty party and hold them accountable for their mistakes.


Among the most traumatic forms of medical malpractice are birth injuries. The harm inflected upon a baby places the family under immense stress. The psychological struggle is a battle which transforms a joyous occasion into sorrow. Many occurrences leave a child needing care throughout their life. If there is any possibility that your child experienced harm due to negligence, turn to us. We supply experienced lawyers, well versed in handling birth injury lawsuits. 


We Know How Devastating This Can Be


Hastings Law Firm P.C. can relate to your trauma and suffering. The stress and pain experienced by you and your family is matter which we hold great compassion for. Many families across Texas have found themselves in the same situation. We have helped them receive millions of dollars worth of compensation. This gives injured children the care that they need. Tommy Hastings holds more than a decade of experience in handling medical malpractice cases. His representation carries a long track record of successful outcomes.


Each of our staff members supply you with personal attention. We aim to understand all factors involved, thus realizing the full impact on you and your child. Through gaining an overview of your unique situation, a strong case is formed. The personal attention allows us to understand the trials which you have endured. This motivates our fight for justice, on the part of you and your baby.


Problems with The Birthing Process


Doctors receive training to manage emergency situations safely. Incorrect choices and miscalculations often result in the wrong procedure carried out. This causes dire consequences which in turn cause harm to your child. Common delivery techniques resulting in birth injuries include:


·         Delays in performing cesarean section births.

·         Cesarean section births which are suffer ill-timing.

·         Medical staff allowing the second stage of labor to prolong.

·         The advent of hyperstimulation.

·         Incorrect usage of medical equipment such as forceps and vacuum extractors.


Your medical records searched by our legal team. Evidence of improper delivery technique is located to prove malpractice. Once we have determined negligence the cause, we assess the compensation which is due. We consider all factors and thus determine a payment which allows for the proper care of your child.


Doctors do everything possibility to avoid accountability for the harm done to your child. A case without proper representation is a hard battle to win. Allow us to give you the expert help that you need to find a successful verdict.  


Tenacious Representation, Compassionate, Friendly Service


Tommy Hastings is the founding attorney of Hastings Law Firm P.C. He has many years of experience in redeeming a favorable judgment. Seeing justice done for those suffering the injustice of birth injuries. His successful birth injury verdicts have found justice for clients across Texas. This success extends to many other areas across the United States. He holds a strong history of bringing his clients' birth injury cases to trial and thus obtaining their due settlements.


Our staff takes the time to become familiar with you and your family. We keep track of your case and it's developments. Whenever you call to inquire about the progress of your case, we have answers. We strive to maintain a war, welcoming office. Each member of our staff takes a genuine interest in you and your family. The personal connection built helps motivate our drive and success in your case. 


Establishing Accountability for Harm Done to Your Child

There may be nothing which can undo harm done to neither your child, nor the family trauma, but justice is necessary. Medical malpractice results in escalating medical costs, health care complications and psychological harm. Families who have suffered these injustices have a right to receiving a settlement.


Our firm handles all types of birth injury lawsuits, including:


    Head and brain injury

    Blood accumulation or cephalohematoma

    Skull fracture

    Bleeding in the brain

    Nerve injury

    Perinatal asphyxia

    Bone injury

    Skin and soft tissue injury

    Neurological disorders

    Cesarean section complications

    Obstetrical complications

    Failure to monitor

    Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

    Forceps injuries

    Cerebral palsy

    Erb's palsy 

    Shoulder dystocia


Contact Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers About Your Child's Birth Injury


The Hastings Law Firm is a focused medical malpractice law office representing victims as well as their families who have sustained injury or death in cases relating to birth injury. If you think your child may have been inflicted by a birth injury or death because of negligence or medical malpractice, we urge you to speak to our experienced team of lawyers to go over your options. We can provide a free and private case analysis so that you can determine the best plan of action based on full understanding of your options.


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